This year, the spotlight for Ube Fiesta in Germany shines on Wiesbaden, Hesse!



Kultur im Park, Wiesbaden

Murnaustraße 1, 65189 Wiesbaden, Germany

The Philippine Consulate General in Frankfurt introduced the “UBE in Germany” campaign, commencing in 2022 in Sankt Augustin, North Rhine-Westphalia and expanding to Oberasbach, Bavaria last year. This year, the spotlight is on Wiesbaden, Hesse.

Anticipating around 5,000 attendees, the festival offers a taste of Filipino culture with delicious food including UBE, grocery shopping, clothing, crafts, exhibitions and informative services. Explore a book corner and storytelling, building excitement for the Philippines as the Guest of Honor at the Frankfurt Book Fair in 2025.

Don’t miss the exciting lineup: a Heritage Walk / Costume Parade, a Language Exchange Program, a German and Philippine Talent Show, and Special Performances by celebrities/artists from Philippines and Germany infusing authentic Filipino and German entertainment into this vibrant celebration of heritage and community.

Ube is not just a trend! It is Filipino heritage.

That subtle earthy, nutty and creamy flavour of ube is so versatile it has become known as a breakout ingredient. It has been the source of inspiration for many culinary creations, whether they are savory or sweet.

Ube has indeed conquered the international food scene and Germany is just starting to discover this special crop. But for the Filipinos, ube is much more than an ingredient. It is not just a trend! Ube and its many forms, have been part of Filipino fiesta banquets and special occasions. Ube halaya, ube sorbetes, ube halu-halo, ginataang ube… Filipino all have fond memories of ube!

Ube has a special place in the hearts and palates of Filipinos. It reflects the nation’s intricate history and rich culture. It is part of our heritage, ube is in the Filipino soul.


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