Why Ube in Germany?

The current global food trends such as ‘Conscious Indulgence’, ‘Experience Beyond the Imagined,’ interest in superfoods and ancient grains, among others, ube has the potential to be introduced as the next trendy food element that is not only healthy and sustainable but also novel and impressive enough to tickle the senses.

Given the burgeoning popularity of ube in the international food scene as a breakout ingredient when it trended on Instagram some years ago and, with the current trends in the food and beverage scene in Germany, ube could become a sensation in Germany.

With good image and marketing campaign as a sustainable, healthy, organic, versatile, and trendy product that is uniquely Filipino, substantiated by the opening of supply lines to German retail entities and engagement of the German food and beverage influencers, including the “Instagram” youth in Germany, ube may rise to become the next “it” ingredient that will embody a set of characteristics that coincides with German sustainability, culinary and social responsibility values.

The Ube Fiesta event

The Philippine Consulate General in Frankfurt, together with the The Filipino Catholic Community in the Archdiocese of Cologne , will organize the first-ever “Ube Fiesta in Germany” on Saturday, 4 June 2022, 10:00AM to 5:00 PM at Steyler Missionare, St. Augustin.

The Ube Fiesta in Germany aims to promote and raise awareness of ‘ube’ as a sustainable, healthy, organic, versatile, and next-trend product from the Philippines. The campaign/festival aims to highlight the characteristics of ube that coincides with German sustainability, culinary and social responsibility values through the showcase of special dishes and beverages which make use of ube as an ingredient. The Ube Fiesta is expected to feature ube food vendors, bakers, and enthusiasts in Germany. Fiesta-goers will have a chance to enjoy a variety of ube food interpretations and other Filipino dishes, drinks and cultural presentations.

UBE FIESTA GERMANY | June 4, 2022, Saturday, Sankt Augustine Aula grounds | FB/ubefiesta | IG/ubefiesta | E/  ubefiesta.de@gmail.com