What is Ube?purple yam?

Ube is purple yam, a root crop that is famously from the Philippines. It grows within 6 months upon planting. In a year, there are generally only 2 harvest seasons usually in June and December. Yam is different from potato, taro, or carrots.

The Ube Fiesta Event

Celebrate all about Ube in Bonn, Germany
4th June 2022

Ube Recipes

Check out some Ube recipes you can do in the comfort of your homes by yourself or with families and friends.

Our Supporters

With the Filipino community, we are one in this effort for UBE

Philippine Ube Manufacturer

The best Ube flavoring made in Europe

Import-export & distributor in Europe

An initiative of
The Philippine Consulate General Frankfurt Germany

UBE FIESTA GERMANY | June 4, 2022, Saturday, Sankt Augustine Aula grounds | FB/ubefiesta | IG/ubefiesta